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What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentines Day is also known as the feast of saint valentine. Valentine’s Day is a mark for love and affection. This day is mostly linked with love and romance, with millions of greeting cards exchanged between lovers every year.

The Gift of flowers or a red rose is sent with love messages to a near or dear one and couples spend more quality time together.

The celebrations of Valentine’s Day begin a week earlier with Rose Day when people communicate their feeling by exchanging roses followed by Propose Day. After that Chocolate Day and Teddy Day come when gifts of chocolates and teddy are given as a token of love.

The following two days are observed as

  • Hug Day
  • Kiss Day

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Valentine’s Day – Monday, 14th February 2022

Valentine’s Day History, facts, and origin  

The Catholic Church identified three different saints titled Valentine. Each of them was killed. One genius claimed that Valentine was a churchman who worked through the 3rd century in Rome. Emperor Claudius II believed that unmarried men are better trooper compared to those married warriors with families, thus he decided to prohibit marriage.

When Valentine, acquired the unjustness of law, he refused to obey Claudius’ order and started to carry out marriages for single young men confidentially.

However, this action of valentine uncovered by Claudius and he mandates the execution of valentine. It is also claimed by legends that Saint Valentine was abused since he was Christian and investigated by Emperor Claudius II personally.

Claudius II was influenced and inspired by Valentine and forced him to change his religion from Christian to paganism. But Valentine declined and tried to Christianize Claudius. As a result, Valentine was executed.

At the same time, one legend claimed that an incarcerate Valentine sent the “valentine” card after he fell in love with a blind girl Julia- who was the daughter of his jailer Asterias. That girl constantly visited him during his imprisonment.

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Prior to the death of valentine, it is purported that he sent her a farewell letter with a signed note “From your Valentine”. A statement that is very popular and still uses by many lovers.  Julia was a young sharp-mind girl. She had been blind since her birth.

Valentine was famous for his medical and spiritual abilities. Before the death of valentine, one day his jailer Asterias knocked on his door holding his blind daughter in his arms. He requested Valentine to treat his daughter. Then the valentine examined the girl, gave her some eye ointments, and asked her to revisit openly.

Many weeks passed but her sight was not restored. On the evening of his death, Julia was miraculously cured of blindness, so she could read the valentine’s note.

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He was buried in Rome, Julia planted an almond tree near his grave, therefore, and an almond tree became the symbol of love and affection.

Some tales claimed that Valentine have been executed for trying to help Christians in a Roman jail, where they were frequently abused and maltreated. Many still think that Saint Valentine of Terni was the real proposer of the holiday.

He, too, was killed by Claudius II via beheading. The secret behind Valentine’s fiction is gloomy; the entire stories highlight his plead as a consoling, courageous, and especially intimate figure.

It is said that Valentine’s Day is observed to pay tribute to Saint Valentine who died in the month of February around 270 AD. Meanwhile, some think that this commemoration was originated as a result of the church’s endeavor to Christianize the festival of Lupercalia, this festival is devoted to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, together with the Roman founders of Remus and Romulus.

During this festival, Roman priests, gathered together at a holy cave where the twins Romulus and Remus, the father of Rome, were thought to be nursed and sheltered by a lope. During the feast of Lupercalia, The pastors sacrifice a goat and a dog.

Then they dip the goats hide into the sacrificial blood and take them to the streets, whipping the women with the goat hide. Surprisingly, Roman women loved the touch of the hides since it was claimed to enhance their fertility in the upcoming year.

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Then During the afternoon, young women of the city put their names in a big jar. The city’s young men would choose the names of women from a box and then convey their feelings and love for that chosen woman. In many cases, the couple spends time together until the next year’s festival celebrations.

Some of them get married. At the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius set the time of the Lupercalia festival as the day to celebrate Saint Valentine, eventually contribute to the association of Valentine’s Day with love and romance.

It’s true that Valentine’s Day makes use of a few of the Lupercalia’s signs, deliberately or not, namely red color which signified a blood sacrifice in the course of Lupercalia, and the white color which represented the milk used to clean the blood and signifies new birth and proliferation.

In England, 18th Century, it developed into an event in which lovers expressed their emotions and feelings for each other by exchanging roses, giving candies, and greeting cards.

From the 19th century, handwritten cards are replaced by mass-produced valentine cards. In Italy, Valentine’s Keys are given to couples as a romantic mark and a request to open the giver’s heart. Valentines Day is not an official holiday. However, it is an official festival day in the Anglican Communion and the Lutheran Church.