Fathers Day Activities & Ideas

Fathers Day is fast approaching which means it’s the perfect time to celebrate fatherhood, on this day surprise him with the best Gifts that show how greatly you love and appreciate him with a heartening father’s day card.

We have gathered together the top best activity ideas to do on Father’s Day, select one of these activity ideas for a father’s day full of entertainment and fun, your Dad will obviously like to make beautiful memories with you.

Family Get Together on Fathers Day1. Host a Family Get Together 

Organize a family get-together or family dinner or throw a large party to show appreciation toward all fathers of the family.

Home Made Gift for Father on Fathers Day2. Homemade Gift

Children can make the gift at home to show the unconditional love and respect they have for their father. There is a number of things children can make at home such as greeting cards, photobook, customize photo frame, customize photo mug, painting and customize smartphone case.

Play Games with Father on Fathers Day3. Play games

There are a number of games such as card games, video games, or board games that can be played with family on this day to strengthened family bonding and make this day more memorable.

home cooked food on fathers day4. Prepare a home-cooked meal

If your father prefers homemade food then you can make this day more enjoyable by cooking his favorite meal.

watch movies on fathers day5. Watch movies

Watch your father’s favorite movies through Amazon or your father’s favorite series on Netflix.

video call with dad on fathers day6. Video call

If you live in another city, you can still celebrate this day through video calling. There is a number of platforms such as zoom is a very famous video-calling platform at the moment. Moreover, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp are also the best options to spend quality time with your dad.

serve breakfast in bed on fathers day7. Breakfast in bed

Start your father’s special day by offering him breakfast in bed. Try to cook all his favorite dishes. There are plenty of good breakfast options such as waffles with honey and banana, fruit salad, fruit yogurt, pancake with ice-cream, egg pudding, cheese sandwiches, and many more.

dinner with dad on fathers day8.Take him out for a dinner

If your father is a foodie, you can take him out for a dinner in one of his favorite eating places.

restaurant at home on fathers day9. Home Restaurant

If your father’s schedule is a bit clumsy, you can still enjoy a delicious dinner at home with your father. Choose something from the menu you aware that your father will love to eat and you will only have to reheat, put food on the plate and enjoy.

Bike riding with dad on fathers day10. Bike riding

Father’s day comes in the summer when the weather is just ideal for bike riding. So it’s the perfect day to go on bike riding with your dad and take some pure air.


water activity with dad on fathers day11. Water activity

Father’s day is the perfect time to enjoy some water activities. Take your father for kayaking or canoeing on the nearby lake or river.

camping with dad on fathers day12. Camping in yard

Camping is one of the best relaxing activities for outdoorsy fathers. prepare your father’s favorite snacks, unroll the tent, and pitch in the backyard. You can use a solar battery tent since it has a solar panel inside which you can use for phone charging (big help when you are camping with your family).

fishing with dad on fathers day13. Fishing

Head out to the lake nearby that is open for the public, enjoy this father’s day with angling.

yoga session on fathers day14. Online yoga session

Sign up for a virtual yoga class; he will learn the energetic yoga poses. He can use these positions with your child or implement them with a friend. This would be one of the best activities which not only help him to manage stress but also beneficial for heart health.

story time with dad on fathers day15. Storytime

This amusing activity is special for both father and child. Let your father grab his favorite storybook and then read it aloud with him.

car show with dad on fathers day16. Car show

If your father is a car enthusiast, then take him to a car show so, keep an eye on the local newspaper to check if there any car show coming up soon.

go to beach on fathers day17. Go to the beach

Fathers Day is a perfect time to go to the beach and take up the sunlight. Spend this beautiful day in the open air by taking your family to the nearby beach.

18. BBQ

This father day, host a barbeque party in your backyard, invite your friends and family for a fulfilled night and try one of the top barbeque recipes around the country.


19. Beer tasting

Get some beers from a local beer house. Treat him with a flight of beer to ease and unwind stress.


Cooking class with father20. Cooking class

Select from the list of online cooking courses and add some cooking skills to his repository, and he will be the best chef in a short time.

Hiking with father on fathers day21. Hiking

No matter whatever the weather is, taking a hike this father’s day is a perfect way to ease and unwind stress. Going for a long hike with your father is not only an amusing activity but will also give you an opportunity to spend more quality time together and enjoy each other company.

22. Baking

What is better than baking your father’s favorite cookies and cupcakes with you on this father’s day?

long drive with family on fathers day23. Long drive

The long drive is a must activity for father’s Day. You only need a tank full of petrol to explore new places and to enjoy this adventurous activity with your father.


dance party on fathers day24. Dance party

Father’s Day is an ideal time to bust a move. Play your father’s favorite tunes, bust a groove in the living room with your father or invite his friends for a dance party, anything you decide, your dad will like to spend his father’s day dancing out to his favorite songs.

Play Games with Father on Fathers Day25. Video games

If your father likes to play video games, then you can join him for this adventurous activity.

26. Online shopping

Upgrade his closet by adding few new pieces. you can help him with online shopping and suggest purchasing the new design of clothes.

Fathers day activities during lockdown

Due to Covid-19, the Fathers day celebration will not be the same this year, but still, there are a lot of activities that can be performed while staying at home.

In a time of physical distancing, there is a number of activities that are ideal for foodie fathers, wine lovers (at home wine is something the entire family can enjoy), outdoor lovers, and more. Either he’s daring or loves to watch outdoor activities unroll, the enjoyable Fathers Day activities are available for you and your father. Bear in mind, these activities are enjoyable and amusing, because these different Fathers Day activities permit Dad to spend an amazing time with you.

1. Have a picnic in the yard

2. Family game night

3. Online shopping with father

4. Make his favorite food

5. Offer Breakfast in bed

6. BBQ night

7. Movie night with family

8. Order his favorite food

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